Sexy dancing

Funny face

Lifeguard dressed up in action

The Fjord trail King

Discovery of a new land

Is he trying to…? Hahahaha

I did it!

What the? My hair!

Having everyone’s attention with a story

War zone

Are you sick or you want to sleep?

Victory with my powerful motorbike

Why did i open my eyes!

Swallowed by a baby hole

Nice try


Looking for a mom

Evening joke

I won but it wasn’t easy

Tai Chi

Moses and God? OMG!

Oh yeah good luck with that.

Fighting for my survival

The world is mine

Bobsleigh training

I’m not the enemy, they are!

The biggest killing fart ever in Ottawa

How does he do to not feel anything?

I can barely make it

Excuse me, do you mind?

Very close friends

The fast and the furious

Sorry am i interrupting?

Comfortably fixing the tower


Sorry what?

Canadian welcome

Feminine attraction

Our last seconds on Earth

In need of magic hands

Reaching a flower or saying hello?

Gulliver? No way

What a pig

About to punch my face with a shocked witness behind

I can do it! Yes!

Flower boy

Bored housewife watching tv

Lazy farmer

Hard to escape

Just a bad joke

Rehearsal in the bathroom

Living dead or dead living?

Marguerite enjoying fresh grass meeuuhh

Woaow what a superman!

What did i do to deserve this?

My hand too?

A dead man coming back to life before getting killed on the road

This is how to become a zombie

Too good

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an attitude

Piece of cake

Starving man

All this to be killed by a rainbow

Back to my childhood

Blind without my blue lights, give them back to me!

Sick, i’m sick

How does he do to breath in the water?

It’s confusing. Red or white sox?

So many twins!

I’m just a tourist. Let me get out!

Fuck it, it was so easy!

This is miiiine!

It feels soooo gooood!

Da Vinci? It’s impossible. He died a long time ago.

Come the Joconde give me your best shot.